sla2008 twitter cloud

With thanks to the folks at Wordle (what a great tool!), I present you with a cloud based on the tweets from #sla2008.  The only term I removed from this graphic was sla2008. Click the thumbnail to view the larger image.
Also, here are the Top 15 Tweeps for #sla2008

  1. conniecrosby
  2. artquiltmaker
  3. ChrisVestal
  4. yankeeincanada
  5. khuffman
  6. nengard
  7. desertlibrarian
  8. leahs
  9. jdysart
  10. robotfrog
  11. raabonte
  12. CindysConfNotes
  13. carolyne
  14. jambina
  15. lukelibrarian

Nice going y’all! There’s probably more analysis that could be done with the 1,194 tweets that were re-tweeted, so stay tuned!

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  1. Posted a tag cloud as well on SLA KM division’s wiki . IBM AlphaWorks Many Eyes tool categorized the first 200 tags, but you can enter/search by keywords or phrases.

    by Karen Huffman
    on 26. Jun, 2008

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